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You know... I didn't realize it was Spring Break was fast approaching until my professor told us. I thought there would be classes next week and yeah! Break from school (not really). I still have to work all of Spring Break though and so, it sort of sucks that I can't catch up on my sleep or do anything fun except weekends. And not to mention, midterms were only a few days ago (for me) and so, I didn't get much sleep for a few days because of the constant worrying. However, I think I did good and I was confident in most of my answers. Other than that, there wasn't much going on with my life. But, I need to start getting into gear because I need to apply for jobs, TEFL, graduation and schoolwork to do. So yeah... Spring Break is catching up on reading and all. I just need to get it done and pass my classes. I'm still coughing and if this continues to happen again... I just have to head to the doctor and see if they could do something about it.

I haven't been paying attention to Arashi as of lately because of school and work. However, I did manage to watch their Shigyare and their performance with the three dancers was amazing. I felt bad for Ohno (most of all) because he was the only one doing the tap dance. And it looked hard and especially in a 30 minute time frame to get the dance quickly. However, they manage to do so! It's one of the best episodes ever. I want them to do more of this. Not only that, I cannot wait until their mini-concert for the earthquake victims. It's one of the best things. And I think it's leading up to the 24HR since they are the main personalities for it. I'm excited until it airs! :) I also haven't been paying attention to Lucky 7 because of school and work. But, I'll catch up on it because I want to know what happens next!

However, I have been watching Running Man. The variety show is awesome because it reminds me just like X-MAN. However, it looks fun and I want to participate in it. I haven't seen all the episodes--or any of the recent ones because I saw only a few clips and I skip here and there because 1) I have studying to do and 2) Sleep is priority. However, I'm going to spend most of my weekending watching Running Man. YEAHH! :)

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