May. 4th, 2012

soybean: YEAH. ARASHI (Group)

I'm counting the days until Beautiful World would be release. I'm excited about it because 1) It's Arashi and 2) I heard it was one of the best concerts ever. I love love the album, Beautiful World because the music appealed to me. Despite it was raining and all, it was still colorful and in a way, looked fun. For the past few days, I've been rewatching the Arashi concerts and I was like alghlshgs I wish I was there... maybe one day? Who knows? However, I'm so looking forward to watching the dvd because I did buy the limited edition one. However, I'm quite disappointed that Waku Waku would be part of this dvd and I understand that it's different... But, I was more or less hoping for at least one of the dome concerts. *____* Because everything they do at the National Stadium is different at the Domes. Plus... from all the news clips about the Waku Waku... I was expecting more. I know they were trying to become teachers and they did a wonderful job. But, it really just seemed boring and no worth my kind of money. I understand it's for a good cause and I'm happy to contribute to it. I was hoping for more. But... Waku Waku was not something that I intend to pay money for. Sorry Arashi. :/

Ohno's drama, Kagi no Kakatta Heya... so far, so good. However, the plotline is getting a bit duller only because it's the same thing over and over again. The actors and actresses are well rounded and act quite well within the characters. There is nothing that distinguishes them different from their particular character. I am keeping up with the episodes, but I'm kind of hoping for more. However, it's getting there and I'm quite curious about Ohno's character since there's a secret of him doing criminal activities. Hehehe~ But, yes! I cannot wait. I haven't watched Aiba's drama yet because well... I'm not interest in it at all. I'll probably watch sometime in the future... Just not now. Plus, it is not subbed. I also listened to Face Down! YESSSSS. I love love love this song and though, I hate the PV. I love the song. I wish there was actually more dancing that goes with it. Lovely! :)



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