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I'm counting the days until Beautiful World would be release. I'm excited about it because 1) It's Arashi and 2) I heard it was one of the best concerts ever. I love love the album, Beautiful World because the music appealed to me. Despite it was raining and all, it was still colorful and in a way, looked fun. For the past few days, I've been rewatching the Arashi concerts and I was like alghlshgs I wish I was there... maybe one day? Who knows? However, I'm so looking forward to watching the dvd because I did buy the limited edition one. However, I'm quite disappointed that Waku Waku would be part of this dvd and I understand that it's different... But, I was more or less hoping for at least one of the dome concerts. *____* Because everything they do at the National Stadium is different at the Domes. Plus... from all the news clips about the Waku Waku... I was expecting more. I know they were trying to become teachers and they did a wonderful job. But, it really just seemed boring and no worth my kind of money. I understand it's for a good cause and I'm happy to contribute to it. I was hoping for more. But... Waku Waku was not something that I intend to pay money for. Sorry Arashi. :/

Ohno's drama, Kagi no Kakatta Heya... so far, so good. However, the plotline is getting a bit duller only because it's the same thing over and over again. The actors and actresses are well rounded and act quite well within the characters. There is nothing that distinguishes them different from their particular character. I am keeping up with the episodes, but I'm kind of hoping for more. However, it's getting there and I'm quite curious about Ohno's character since there's a secret of him doing criminal activities. Hehehe~ But, yes! I cannot wait. I haven't watched Aiba's drama yet because well... I'm not interest in it at all. I'll probably watch sometime in the future... Just not now. Plus, it is not subbed. I also listened to Face Down! YESSSSS. I love love love this song and though, I hate the PV. I love the song. I wish there was actually more dancing that goes with it. Lovely! :)


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Pottermore is finally out!  And what's so surprising... well, I got sorted into Gryffindor and I find that surprising. I was thinking that I would be sorted into Ravenclaw or Slytherin because of all the answers I've picked, I thought I would be placed into either of those houses. However, it surprised me that I got sorted into Gryffindor. That was not so bad. Only Book One is out on Pottermore and I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed with Pottermore because I had really high expectations out of it. I was thinking it would be a bit more interactive... But, it wasn't. However, it's still enjoyable to explore around. But, it was not what I was actually looking forward to. If anyone wants to add me, my username is AvisDawn12470. I'm still learning how to duel and how to make potions. It took me forever in attempting to find the wand and also to quickly type or click on those words for dueling and spells.

What else was there? Well, I also watched Ohno's new drama. I have to say, I like the first episode and I was expecting the camera to be more focus on Ohno because after all, he's the lock otaku or whatever and the drama is based on locked doors. Anyway, I was expecting more Ohno-focused. But, it's more of... Erika's focused? The drama is not so bad. It really got the ball rolling and it is interesting. I am just wanting for the translation out of this drama. And Ohno acts superb. :) Seriously! :D The opening song and also the previews of the MV was awesome. I was disappointed with the MV despite how awesome the song was... but, I was expecting dance moves instead of them sitting in chairs or against the wall. I believe the concept was suppose to be "mysterious." But, really... :X Dance and no more auto-tune anymore guys! I mean, the song is great. But, I prefer listening to their voices... not technology's. However, Face Down is great. They are releasing the same day as NMB48. My thougths about the competition? Who cares... I don't really care if they got first, second, tenth, etc... It would not make them lose anything in either case. I mean, Arashi has gotten second place before and I believe, they should understand that hey... they can't be popular all the time. The bubble will pop and boom. Ninomiya once stated that the popularity would be over and Tachi was more like, "Don't worry about it." However, as all artists, popularity will pop and fade. Just look at the Backstreet Boys and other artists before hand. I did not get to watch Aiba's new drama. However... from all the previews I've seen, I'm not looking forward to it because I can't seem to find Aiba as an actor. I see him as the happy-go-lucky guy that is a miracle worker during variety shows and do all these crazy things. I don't see him as a serious actor at all. I know he's doing his best... but, I can't seem to get over his variety shows and into the acting gig. I can't really distinguish the two at all. However, I will try to watch his drama despite my lack of interest in it. He might do well and might do horrible. I just hope it would be okay.

Is it just me? But is... Running Man getting a little bit boring? I was so excited for the Alice and Wonderland concept. But, they totally blew it off. It was not what I was expecting and I was hoping for more of a Role Play of the characters. However, they did keep with some of the concepts... It's just disappointing because I expected so much. I mean, it's nice that BoA and the other fashion designer showed up. But, yeah.. I think Running Man needs to find other ideas and stick with it throughly or try to make it as fun as possible. I love the chasing and spy games. Wished it was back though! I was also listening to a few songs lately... I haven't been into the Korean music in like forever. But, I managed to listen to B.A.P, N'UEST, 4Minute, and B14a. First off, these groups are super young and I have a lot to say about their music, voices and songs. First up, B.A.P, I have to say...their debut song, Warrior is pretty good. The music is good and not as intense as I hoped it to be.. But, still good. :) Though,  I don't understand the alien concept. Next, N'UEST... I actually like the song Face a lot because it deals with bullying and all. The music could have been composed better. But, it's still good. 4Minute's Volume Up... not so much. Their vampire concept was a good idea, but the whole thing.. well, it was okay. Not as great and could have been better while B14a, Baby I'm sorry was a good song. Though... too auto-tune. However... overall, I do like their songs... They had each pros and cons.

Well... I'm off! :)
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You know... I didn't realize it was Spring Break was fast approaching until my professor told us. I thought there would be classes next week and yeah! Break from school (not really). I still have to work all of Spring Break though and so, it sort of sucks that I can't catch up on my sleep or do anything fun except weekends. And not to mention, midterms were only a few days ago (for me) and so, I didn't get much sleep for a few days because of the constant worrying. However, I think I did good and I was confident in most of my answers. Other than that, there wasn't much going on with my life. But, I need to start getting into gear because I need to apply for jobs, TEFL, graduation and schoolwork to do. So yeah... Spring Break is catching up on reading and all. I just need to get it done and pass my classes. I'm still coughing and if this continues to happen again... I just have to head to the doctor and see if they could do something about it.

I haven't been paying attention to Arashi as of lately because of school and work. However, I did manage to watch their Shigyare and their performance with the three dancers was amazing. I felt bad for Ohno (most of all) because he was the only one doing the tap dance. And it looked hard and especially in a 30 minute time frame to get the dance quickly. However, they manage to do so! It's one of the best episodes ever. I want them to do more of this. Not only that, I cannot wait until their mini-concert for the earthquake victims. It's one of the best things. And I think it's leading up to the 24HR since they are the main personalities for it. I'm excited until it airs! :) I also haven't been paying attention to Lucky 7 because of school and work. But, I'll catch up on it because I want to know what happens next!

However, I have been watching Running Man. The variety show is awesome because it reminds me just like X-MAN. However, it looks fun and I want to participate in it. I haven't seen all the episodes--or any of the recent ones because I saw only a few clips and I skip here and there because 1) I have studying to do and 2) Sleep is priority. However, I'm going to spend most of my weekending watching Running Man. YEAHH! :)

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T____T I'm overloaded with school and work. I swear, February and March are the worse months ever. It just seems that the professors are plotting together and are like "Hahahaha! Let them be stress out!" I have a couple of midterms next week and thus, I'm a bit overloaded with the amount of things I actually have to do. I have no problem with studying... it's just time. In any case, midterms and papers galore all this month and with applying to jobs leaves me very stress and unhappy. :/ I thought graduating semesters are usually leisure-free or something. X__X Not the case!

I also stated that I would be making a drama-list soon. I'll probably get it by this weekend. :D I know I'll get it soon. :) Just not now... [sigh]

ANYWAY-- Ohno, Aiba, Nino and Sho are all going to be acting in March/April of 2012. I cannot wait for Ohno's drama because obviously, my favorite member is Ohno. The drama seems to be really interesting and when I heard he was going to a mystery-detective drama, I instantly thought about Maou. I was a huge fan of The Devil (Korean drama) because the audience really didn't know who the killer was. However, Maou was totally different from The Devil. The audience actually knew who the killer was and plus, it was Ohno's first drama. And he did so well with his character. :D I'm excited because it's not going to be like Singing Brothers (Uta Onii-san? Not sure about this title because I didn't enjoy the plotline of Singing Brothers or Kaibutsu-Kun. :D

Aiba's drama is also airing in April 2012. Now, I have to say... I ♥ Aiba and all... but, I am NOT a fan of any of his dramas. My Girl and Bartender were more of like "Meh... I'll watch it... but it isn't that great." I think the problem is more of the variety shows. Aiba's image as hyper, miracle boy and filled with variety spaz comes with him everywhere. I couldn't see him as a serious character in both My Girl and Bartender. Yes, there were some humor areas in it, but the dramas were a little bit more serious. However, the drama seems to a mixed of mystery and comedy. Aiba acts really well, no doubt about it... but, he has that image just like Matsumoto Jun has. Matsujun's image would always be associated with Hana Yori Dango. On the other hand, Aiba would be associated with children, Miracle-Boy, variety shows, excitement and all.

Nino's movie, apparently... it's confirmed that he'll be acting as a scientist. I can't really wait because it's quite different from his other roles. His Gantz movies were good and so was the other movie: Ohku (Not sure of the title). I loved him in both of those movies and let's just say... I'm not really into sci-fi all that much. But, the movie was pretty good. :) I'm not sure what is the plotline of this movie but... Nino needs to get back into dramas! I cannot wait for the movie to come out on dvd and at the moment, I'm waiting for Sho's movie to come out. [Shakes fist]

Sho's going to be acting into a special. It'll be interesting. I did watch it all, but :/ I wasn't a huge fan of the manga. I'l still waiting for his movie to come out. The special is going to be from his Mysteries at Dinner and I did like it. I wasn't really into it per se because I was overloaded with school work. But, it was still a good drama and with a decent plot line. Other than that, I don't know what the special would conclude though. :/

And Matsumoto's Lucky 7. I didn't watch episode 5 yet. BUT, the plotline is so good and their acting equaled to awesomesauce in my thoughts. The chemistry between the characters were pretty good and from Matsumoto's last drama, I didn't like the character all that much or the plotline. Maybe because I'll always associate Matsumoto Jun with Hana Yori Dango's romance plotline than anything else. *__*

Arashi's sneak PV was released and alhglshghs SHINY. LOL At first... I thought of "WTF... What's with those clothes? ITS SHINY. AND PURPLE." (I'm not a huge fan of purple) In any case, I cannot wait because the song... I actually like it. It's with a fast beat and gets me going. I ♥ songs like that and just about anything that gets me to do the work I need to do. I cannot wait! ♥!

Other than that... Nothing to talk about. I cannot wait until March/April! :D



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