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I finally got my DVD for Arashi's Beautiful World. The package looks great compared to the previous concert DVDS. Seriously... I mean, most of Arashi's packaging looks like bootleg copies or not as amazing as other DVD packages. When I first saw the previews of the DVD covers, I wanted to facepalm myself because the packaging looks horrible. I thought it look odd because there seemed to be something sticking out of the package, but that would probably be the regular edition. I bought myself the limited edition because it included DISC 3, which everyone should know by now, Waka Waka.

Before I get started on this review, I am no means a professional in analyzing or criticizing the concert. I am just giving my opinions. :)Please also note, this review may contain spoilers to the concert. If you are waiting for your DVD to arrive and is highly sensitive to spoilers, please do not click the link "Read more." Thank you.

Of the weeks I've anticipated for this DVD and I've been counting down the days for this DVD, I have to say... I expected a lot from this DVD and wanted Arashi deliver those expectations. So, I was excited in watching the concert and at the same time, I had huge expectations because the Japanese media raved about the concert and how amazing everything was. I wanted to be amazed by this concert. When I finally got done in watching the DVD, I was slightly disappointed with the concert. I understand the circumstances of this concert because they were performing in the middle of a typhoon and not only that, it was only a few or give and take odd months after the earthquake and the tsunami that hit Japan. They were doing their best to conserve energy and also to bring back a little bit of normalcy into the Japanese people. When I kept rewatching, I wasn't as disappointed as I was before. The first time they performed at the National Stadium, with Arashi Around Asia, I was excited and loved it. They had used waterworks around the area and managed to have the audience to look around the back and front of the whole concert. Their second time at the National Stadium, 5x10: Arashi's 10th Anniversary cannot even beat any of their other concerts. This concert was simply amazing while their third time performing at the National Stadium, The Scene that you and I are looking at was not as great as 5x10. However, it was still good. This time around, Beautiful World grasp a lot of those concepts, but it can't really be compared to any of their previous concerts.

I felt the last two concerts they performed at the National Stadium was a bit lacking at some areas and at the same time, it was still amazing because they were conserving energy. However, I felt that Beautiful World did lack in some areas where their last previous concert did not or vice versa. In my opinion, despite how much I did not like the the Circus act in DISC 2 of the The Scene that you and I are looking at, it was a bit better than Beautiful World. Just a tad bit because they were performing many of their original songs in that particular album while there were only some songs off from their orignal album, Beautiful World. Despite what it lacked, after rewatching several times, the concert made sense (in a way) while The Scene that you and I are looking at didn't. Their theme, Beautiful World did shone through and thus, was a bit more organized than the previous concert. I felt that The Scene that you and I are looking at was at random.

In general, the songs are great. I actually like all the songs that performed during the album. Out of all the 3 discs, I like DISC 2 the most because of their dance and computer graphic performance. It was just like their Kohaku performance last year. As per usual, they had fireworks, water canons and also balloons releasing in the air. They had all those events, except in a way, it was least flashy than before. They performed most of the songs that people would enjoy during the concert. However, one of the songs that I did not particularly enjoy was Love Rainbow, Shake It and Lotus. I never really liked Love Rainbow or any of Matsumoto Jun's solos. For me, it felt those songs weren't so great compared to the rest of the other songs. It's nice per se, but not something I enjoy. Others might enjoy that song, but I didn't. Unfortunately, I had never been a huge fan of Matsumoto Jun's solos and some of Sakurai Sho's solos either. I felt they lacked something or I did not particularly enjoy. I tend to steer clear away from their solos because they weren't great or I didn't grasp the music at all.

Other than that, I liked everything about it. However, if you are the ones expecting another 5x10 like I did, I wouldn't suggest you get this DVD. I got this DVD because I wanted to support Arashi and their music. Plus, I liked owning their concerts since I won't be going to their concerts anytime soon.
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