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T____T I'm overloaded with school and work. I swear, February and March are the worse months ever. It just seems that the professors are plotting together and are like "Hahahaha! Let them be stress out!" I have a couple of midterms next week and thus, I'm a bit overloaded with the amount of things I actually have to do. I have no problem with studying... it's just time. In any case, midterms and papers galore all this month and with applying to jobs leaves me very stress and unhappy. :/ I thought graduating semesters are usually leisure-free or something. X__X Not the case!

I also stated that I would be making a drama-list soon. I'll probably get it by this weekend. :D I know I'll get it soon. :) Just not now... [sigh]

ANYWAY-- Ohno, Aiba, Nino and Sho are all going to be acting in March/April of 2012. I cannot wait for Ohno's drama because obviously, my favorite member is Ohno. The drama seems to be really interesting and when I heard he was going to a mystery-detective drama, I instantly thought about Maou. I was a huge fan of The Devil (Korean drama) because the audience really didn't know who the killer was. However, Maou was totally different from The Devil. The audience actually knew who the killer was and plus, it was Ohno's first drama. And he did so well with his character. :D I'm excited because it's not going to be like Singing Brothers (Uta Onii-san? Not sure about this title because I didn't enjoy the plotline of Singing Brothers or Kaibutsu-Kun. :D

Aiba's drama is also airing in April 2012. Now, I have to say... I ♥ Aiba and all... but, I am NOT a fan of any of his dramas. My Girl and Bartender were more of like "Meh... I'll watch it... but it isn't that great." I think the problem is more of the variety shows. Aiba's image as hyper, miracle boy and filled with variety spaz comes with him everywhere. I couldn't see him as a serious character in both My Girl and Bartender. Yes, there were some humor areas in it, but the dramas were a little bit more serious. However, the drama seems to a mixed of mystery and comedy. Aiba acts really well, no doubt about it... but, he has that image just like Matsumoto Jun has. Matsujun's image would always be associated with Hana Yori Dango. On the other hand, Aiba would be associated with children, Miracle-Boy, variety shows, excitement and all.

Nino's movie, apparently... it's confirmed that he'll be acting as a scientist. I can't really wait because it's quite different from his other roles. His Gantz movies were good and so was the other movie: Ohku (Not sure of the title). I loved him in both of those movies and let's just say... I'm not really into sci-fi all that much. But, the movie was pretty good. :) I'm not sure what is the plotline of this movie but... Nino needs to get back into dramas! I cannot wait for the movie to come out on dvd and at the moment, I'm waiting for Sho's movie to come out. [Shakes fist]

Sho's going to be acting into a special. It'll be interesting. I did watch it all, but :/ I wasn't a huge fan of the manga. I'l still waiting for his movie to come out. The special is going to be from his Mysteries at Dinner and I did like it. I wasn't really into it per se because I was overloaded with school work. But, it was still a good drama and with a decent plot line. Other than that, I don't know what the special would conclude though. :/

And Matsumoto's Lucky 7. I didn't watch episode 5 yet. BUT, the plotline is so good and their acting equaled to awesomesauce in my thoughts. The chemistry between the characters were pretty good and from Matsumoto's last drama, I didn't like the character all that much or the plotline. Maybe because I'll always associate Matsumoto Jun with Hana Yori Dango's romance plotline than anything else. *__*

Arashi's sneak PV was released and alhglshghs SHINY. LOL At first... I thought of "WTF... What's with those clothes? ITS SHINY. AND PURPLE." (I'm not a huge fan of purple) In any case, I cannot wait because the song... I actually like it. It's with a fast beat and gets me going. I ♥ songs like that and just about anything that gets me to do the work I need to do. I cannot wait! ♥!

Other than that... Nothing to talk about. I cannot wait until March/April! :D



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